Sunday, March 17, 2013


I won't say that today marks a new beginning... because every day is a new beginning.  We start fresh every day. In yoga, they say that our body is different every time, so to be open to what it has to offer each day and accepting of where it can go in that moment. Every moment is different. We are constantly changing energy.

So today, like every day, is a new beginning. The start of something new. The person I am today. And like Brené Brown teaches us, that is enough.

Today, I am taking on this new project to create this blog and share with others, opening up the space for safety and love.

   "As I began to love myself
     I freed myself of anything
     that is no good for my health
     -- food, people, things, situations,
     and everything that drew me down
     and away from myself.
     At first I called this attitude
     a healthy egoism
     Today I know it is

~ Charlie Chaplin


  1. Did I ever mention how awesome I think you are? If I haven't said so...well...the cat is now out of the bag, my dear :-). Excited to read you!

  2. love this already!